On Being a Pivot-Wise Business Leader (New Book)



My latest business leadership book entitled “On Being a Pivot-Wise Business Leader: The Secrets of Strategic Leadership for Successful Business Pivots” has been published on Amazon!


Here is the link to obtain the book:



In the book, I provide keen insights into what it takes to be a Pivot-Wise leader. Business pivots are crucial to today’s firms. Business leaders need to be wise about how and when they seek to undertake a pivot. This book reveals the secrets of successful business pivots.

Using insights from luminary founders and CEO’s that I know personally, you will find out how founders of Pandora, Box.com, Vizio, Hudson Jeans, Old Navy, and other well-known firms undertook both business and personal pivots by their top business leaders.

With a focus on business leadership, I provide numerous tools, techniques, methodology, heuristics, and an overarching paradigm of business leaders and pivoting. Using key diagrams and charts, this extraordinarily savvy treatment of pivots is quite innovative and thoroughly thought provoking.

I hope you enjoy the book and appreciate that many of you asked me to put the book together. It was a worthwhile effort.