On Being a Smart CIO (New Book)


My latest high-tech leadership book entitled “On Being a Smart CIO: Lessons I’ve Learned as a Chief Information Officer and Trusted C-Suite Adviser” is available on Amazon!


Here is the link to obtaining the book on Amazon:



Reviewers have said that the book is ground breaking, as it provides an insider’s look at Information Technology (IT) and Chief Information Officers (CIO’s). It is a no-holds-barred exploration of how businesses are strategically making use of IT and the difficult choices and pitfalls that can occur.

Topics that are methodically scrutinized include: Digital Disruption, Business Transformation, Agile, Tech Trends, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Chat Bots, CIO’s, Chief Technology Officers (CTO’s), Chief Digital Officers (CDO’s), Chief Data Officers (CDO), DevOps, Ransomware, Cyber Attacks, Hybrid IT, Cloud Computing, SMAC, Big Data, Business Analytics, Mobile Apps, API’s, Bimodal IT, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Shadow IT, The CIO 100 Notables, Consumerization of IT, CIO and the Board of Directors, Social Intelligence, CIO Top 10 Lists, Mergers & Acquisitions and IT,CEO’s and CIO’s, and the rise of the Smart CIO.

The book examines the intersection of the advances in leadership and leveraging advances in technology for sustainable competitive advantage. Blending a robust interlacing of real-world school-of-hard-knocks lessons coupled with mini-case studies and tales of the corporate world, it provides innovative frameworks and business models.

Questions addressed include: What does it take to be a CIO? What do the best CIO’s know that the rest don’t know? How can you remain in your CIO position? What should your firm be doing with IT? How can your company avoid being disrupted by IT? What can your enterprise do to become a disrupter with IT? What technologies should you be embracing? What technologies are not worth adopting? Etc.

If you are an existing CIO, or an aspiring CIO, or an accidental CIO, or an IT practitioner making your way up the IT ladder, or a C-suite executive working with a CIO, or a CEO taking a look at CIO’s, or an executive recruiter of CIO’s, or a researcher studying CIO’s, or an undergraduate or graduate student in business then you will find this book quite helpful and insightful.


Thanks to all of you that encouraged me to put the book together. Your favorable comments about my blog pieces and your urging of me to write the book were inspirational. I hope the book will be inspiring to you all too!