A Message from Dr. Lance B. Eliot


I have been variously described as an innovator, entrepreneur, senior executive, practitioner, and industry guru, and earnestly seek to provide the latest in thought leadership among the intersecting areas of business, science, and technology.

Cutting through the hype, and offering straight ahead analyses, I carefully cull through the murky sea of ideas, facts, opinions, and often far-fetched claims to bring you refreshing, clear and concise insights that I believe offer deep and memorable action-oriented results.

Often taking a provocative stance, I “curate” (the latest buzzword, but worthy of use) the plethora of ideas and approaches that are out there and attempt to bring to the surface new ways of thinking about everyday topics, and tend to succeed in making rationalized predictions that are consistently on-target forecasts of the future.

Stay tuned to keep up on the top emerging trends in the ever changing fields of business, of science, and of technology.

Warmest regards,



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